PoliSci (41 of 107)Welcome to my website! My name is Elizabeth Lane and I am an Assistant Professor at Louisiana State University in the Department of Political Science. This fall I am teaching Constitutional Law – Civil Rights and Liberties and Politics to the U.S. Supreme Court.

My primary research agenda examines the interplay between law and politics on the United States Supreme Court.  In my dissertation, Legal Quality and the United States Supreme Court, I develop a novel measure of legal quality to assess the contemporaneous impact of law on merits decisions.  To develop this measure, I was awarded a National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant to digitally photograph and content analyze  bench memoranda of former Supreme Court justices.  These memoranda are authored by the justices’ law clerks prior to oral argument to synthesize all of the legal documents related to a case, with a particular focus on merit and amicus curiae briefs.  Bench memoranda offer a rigorous analytical assessment of the strength of the arguments in relation to one another.

With my measure of legal quality, I set out to provide a better understanding of the impact of law on judicial decisions, and its constraining, or encouraging, capacity for justices to pursue their preferred outcomes.  This measure and data will also shed light on a number of other topics such as: In a case when law and ideology come in conflict, what determines which influence prevails?  Also, do amicus curiae briefs provide the justices with unique information, and thus inform Supreme Court decisions?

In addition to my dissertation research, I am also interested in the Supreme Court’s interaction with other branches of government, the behavior of actors within these institutions, and how the public perceives them.

Outside of work, I am an avid sports fan.  I love watching football and basketball and rooting on the Spartans and New England Patriots.  I also enjoy playing golf (or at least attempting to), gardening, exercising, and spending time with my cat, Lola.

Thank you for visiting my website.