POLI 4000 – American Constitutional Law Rights of the Criminally Accused
POLI 4021 – American Constitutional Law Civil Rights and Liberties
POLI 4023 –  Judicial Politics
POLI 7920 – Public Law


Undergraduate Mentorship

I’ve had the pleasure to work closely with talented undergraduates at Louisiana State University and Michigan State University.  Working with them to turn the data they collected into their own projects to answer important and interesting research questions they developed throughout their assistantship is so rewarding. They bring curiosity, determination, and a unique perspective.

The photos below shows research projects I helped mentor during 2018-2019 academic year as part of the Provost Undergraduate Research Initiative and PLS Scholars program. They presented their findings at the annual University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum (pictured below).

More recently, I had the pleasure of working with Bailey Chauvin, a junior at LSU, on her honor’s thesis. With the help of LSU’s Presidential Aide and ASPIRE programs she has been able to help me with research and develop her own research project. She had the opportunity to present her preliminary findings on the success of women attorneys from the Office of the Solicitor General at LSU’s Discover Day. She won third place in her category overall, which included students from Humanities, Social Sciences, Mass Communication, and business. Bailey defended her work graduated in Fall 2021 with honors from LSU Ogden Honors College.

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